Regarding Donuts…

I stumbled on some interesting ‘missed connections’ on Craigslist.  Brought to you in it’s entirety.

Never have sweeter words been uttered… Read the rest of this entry »


Thank you.

So, I went cold-turkey off of Morphine. Was on it for chronic pain, and had some $$ problems.   A few days into the detox, I realized exactly what it was doing to me, so I went all the way.  Sure I could have found the money, sure, I could have relapsed…  but I didn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

Reeeal life!

Weeeee! RL… Great graphics, wonderful physics, still can’t fly :/


….Tensai Hilra peeks out from behind the desk…. okay, I’ll give this blog thing a try. (don’t hurt me)