Musings of a timelord’s daughter: Time…

Time is a unique thing.  One moment, it can’t pass fast enough, the next, you wish you had more.  You cannot see time, but you know when it’s gone.  You can’t feel time, but you can fear it’s approach.  Without contact, it can tear the world asunder, or facilitate it’s healing.

People dream of travelling through time… but why?  Is it to skip the boring parts and get to the really nitty-gritty stuff?  To go back and fix something we werent able to get right the first time?  Ahh, thats the mark… to fix what we messed up the first time.  The real question is, are we living the world that is the product of a flawed timeline or one of a fixed timeline, whereas the reality of it is we were destined for something so much worse?

If given the opportunity to travel back, would you tamper with that first love, that first kiss?  Would you go back, risking it’s very existance, just to witness it again?  Then to see it afar, never to experience it again.  Be jealous of yourself witnessing this person enjoying what to you is only memory. Be angry watching this person make the same mistakes you made so long ago, unable to teach them the ‘right’ way in fear of eliminiating the moment you, yourself, learned the ‘right’ way.

The worst perils of time travel are sometimes the most compelling.

-Tensai Hilra

Tell me your thoughts on timetravel, or your memories 😉


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