Memories of the future

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“Oh, that’s not good”, said Tensai as she slowly crept up from behind the toppled cabinet. She timidly approached the ball of molten circuitry that once represented her life savings worth of hardware.

“That won’t do at all.”

What once was the pinnacle of technology, a machine of un-fathomable complexity lay…er smolder in ruins.

“Well Dogg, looks like we need to start over.” said Tensai to her cat that just got done prying her claws from the ceiling tiles.

“What was your first clue?” snipped Dogg’s synthesis collar.

“Look kitty, I didn’t give you that device so you could be smart with me.”

The collar crackled, “No, you gave it to me because you mutated my brain into super genius levels, and forgot to advance my physiology.”

Tensai looked over in one of those, ‘if you weren’t so valuable…’ looks. “Yes yes, this was supposed to help that…but well, something went wrong.”

“Don’t look at me; I’m just your cat.” Just then, Dogg looked up and winced. “Oh, there it is.”

Tensai, sifting through the wreckage held up a small, badly charred stuffed mouse. “Oh, there it is?! That’s what you have to say?! I find this jammed in the vent hole of a destroyed multi-trillion dollar time dilation device, and you say, ‘oh, there it is’!”

“Um, sorry?” chirped Dog’s collar, just before she ran from room, avoiding the debris and smoking mouse ruminants being hurled at her.

Tensai slumped to the floor. She stared at the carbon stained tiles as she remembered the difficulty getting the funding for this, the third attempt at a time dilator.

Just then, the control console lit up and announced, “*Bing* September 15th, 3508, 3pm, meet with finance committee with current progress *Bing*”

“Oh, crap”

Will she successfully Warp Spacetime to her whim? Will she fess up that her cat torched several trillion in hardware? Will she ever clean up this mess?! Join us Next time when Tensai faces her worst enemy yet… The Committee!


1 Comment

  1. Dr. Mason said,

    September 16, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    Ah, those cats always do get into the machinery don’t they?

    *rolls up the designs for his Galvanic Tesseractor and Retroactive Continuity Device jealously and walks off, grumbling about time machines*

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